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Tweed Fabric, Tartan Fabric and Ribbon and a Scottish Shop

At Tartan Time we have an extensive selection of Tweed Fabrics from all over the UK as well as Tartan Fabrics, mainly from Scotland, and a full range of Tartan Ribbons. Most fabrics including the Tweed and Tartan, are priced very competively. The fabric is available in cut lengths by the metre and there is free delivery on orders over £200.00. In our Scottish shop you can purchase from a wide selection of tweed and tartan hats, tams, scarves, ties and bow ties and most other Scottish apparel items.


About Tweed Fabric

Tweed upholstered chairTweed fabric is mainly made of wool and has a closely woven, rough open texture. It often has a check pattern and can be either plain weave or twill weave, the latter being a characteristic diagonal pattern type of tweed fabric.

Tweed cloth was originally produced in Scotland but it has little to do with the renowned River Tweed, a Scottish Borders river. An iconic Scottish tweed of today is Harris Tweed Fabric. Harris tweed must be woven in the Outer Hebrides and its production is protected by an Act of Parlaiment.

Tweeds including Standard Tweed and Harris Tweed are desireable for informal outerwear. The fabric is naturally moisture resistant and very durable. Additional popular uses for tweed fabric are curtains and upholstery. There is also demand for it on handbags, dog coats, shoes, amplifiers, etc.

About Tartan Fabric

Tartan fabric is a woven cloth that has a pattern of interlocking stripes, running in both the horizontal and vertical. It is typically considered to be a clan tartan fabric, being a design that represents the Scottish clans and families. However, many tartans today are produced to represent historic events or institutions like the Diana tartan fabric or the Scottish Parliament tartan fabric. Other representations include towns, districts, corporations, etc.

Originally, tartan fabric was made of wool and although most tartans of today are produced in wool, they are also made in other materials (polyester/viscose, silk, cotton, etc.)

The most popular tartans are fabrics in either Black Watch or Royal Stewart. Black Watch tartan fabric is a dark green, blue and black tartan and Royal Stewart is predominately red with yellow, white and blue thin lines.

On the site we offer a comprehensive range of tartan fabrics  in wool, silk and blends, and comprehensively cover most Scottish Mills. The fabrics are mainly used for clothing, curtains and upholstery.

Featured Products

Clan Crest Quaichs

Clan Crest Quaichs

Clan Crest Pewter Quaichs in 10 sizes. The Quaich - Scotland's "Cup of Fri..

£24.00 Ex Tax: £20.00

7-8 oz Lightweight Tartan Neck Tie

7-8 oz Lightweight Tartan Neck Tie

Lightweight Tartan Neck Tie Light to wear, Scottish quality, pure wool Tar..

£14.34 Ex Tax: £11.95

'Standard' Lightweight Tartan Fabric by the metre

'Standard' Lightweight Tartan Fabric by the metre

  An 11 oz Lightweight Fabric, woven in the UK and available in about..

£32.28 £33.48 Ex Tax: £26.90

Wing Collar Wool Tartan Bow Tie

Wing Collar Wool Tartan Bow Tie

7-8oz Lightweight Tartan Bow Tie for Wing Collar Shirt Pre-Tied Bow tie fo..

£14.04 Ex Tax: £11.70

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