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Below are the 13 oz Medium Weight Bruicheath Dancing Tartan thumbnail images. You can click on a thumbnail for a larger image. To scroll through the other large images you can also click the 'next image' or 'previous image' buttons, hidden near the top on the right and left of the large image respectively.

  • Ailsa Gold BCH050Ailsa Gold BCH050
  • Ailsa Navy BCH063Ailsa Navy BCH063
  • Ailsa Pink BCH001Ailsa Pink BCH001
  • Ailsa Red BCH065Ailsa Red BCH065
  • Ailsa Royal Blue BCH061Ailsa Royal Blue BCH061
  • Ailsa Yellow BCH055Ailsa Yellow BCH055
  • Arduane Red BCH020Arduane Red BCH020
  • Barra Fuscia BCH008Barra Fuscia BCH008
  • Birnam Blue BCH048Birnam Blue BCH048
  • Canna Saphire BCH057Canna Saphire BCH057
  • Comrie Gold BCH049Comrie Gold BCH049
  • Comrie Navy Blue BCH017Comrie Navy Blue BCH017
  • Etive Burgundy BCH028Etive Burgundy BCH028
  • Fyvie Magenta BCH003Fyvie Magenta BCH003
  • Gigha Cherry BCH026Gigha Cherry BCH026
  • Gigha Green BCH046Gigha Green BCH046
  • Gigha Lilac BCH014Gigha Lilac BCH014
  • Harris Lilac BCH010Harris Lilac BCH010
  • Harris Royal Blue BCH040Harris Royal Blue BCH040
  • Kyle Grape BCH016Kyle Grape BCH016
  • Kyle Pink BCH005Kyle Pink BCH005
  • Lewis Green BCH058Lewis Green BCH058
  • Lewis Magenta BCH068Lewis Magenta BCH068
  • Lewis Navy BCH062Lewis Navy BCH062
  • Lewis Red BCH069Lewis Red BCH069
  • Shiel Claret BCH027Shiel Claret BCH027
  • Shiel Lavender BCH052Shiel Lavender BCH052
  • Shiel Magenta BCH009Shiel Magenta BCH009
  • Shiel Purple BCH015Shiel Purple BCH015
  • Skye Green BCH056Skye Green BCH056
  • Sunart Sapphire BCH002Sunart Sapphire BCH002
  • Sunnart Pink BCH006Sunnart Pink BCH006
  • Tiree Turquoise BCH031Tiree Turquoise BCH031
  • Torridon Burgundy BCH029Torridon Burgundy BCH029
  • Torridon Cherry BCH022Torridon Cherry BCH022
  • Torridon Royal Blue BCH060Torridon Royal Blue BCH060
  • Torridon Saphire BCH032Torridon Saphire BCH032
  • Uist Green BCH059Uist Green BCH059

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