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Clan Items and Family Tartans

Do you have a Scottish connection but can't find your tartan? Your family surname may not have its own tartan but it might possibly be a be Sept (descended from the chiefs through the female Line). In which case you would be justified in wearing that family tartan.

We can advise, if required, on whether or not your name or relatives name is of Scottish descent and if it is a Sept of one of the clan tartan names. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

There are over 1200 Scottish surnames, and as many tartans, but when it comes to Clan Crests there are only a total of about 124 recognised badges. Many people whose surnames are not obviously connected to a clan can wear a crest badge, however, as some names may be Septs while others may be dependants; those who sought the protection of the clan.
Clan Crests

The Clan Crest badges evolved from Scotland's turbulent past when it was the custom for Clan Chiefs to give there followers a metal plate of their crest, to be worn as a badge of allegiance. This fastened to their clothing with a strap and a buckle. When not in use the belt was coiled around the crest and this convention is used in the clan crest badges of today.

Only the Clan Chief may wear the crest without the strap and buckle.
Clan Crest Items on Tartan Time

On the Tartan Time web site we have a range of Clan Crest products. One of the most popular is our Clan Crest Plaques and Frames, which combine the associated surname Clan Crest with your required clan tartan. These can be found at: Clan Wall Plaques.

The other clan crest items include cuff links, lapel pins and badges, the latter for wearing as a brooch or cap badge. These are all available in both sterling silver and in pewter. Pewter items dispatch normally in a few days but sterling silver items are made to order and take 6 - 8 weeks.

We also have kilt pins, sgian dhuhs, belt buckles, sporrans and key rings, which all have pewter Clan Crest badges incorporated.

All the clan items can be accessed from this page

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