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  • Specially woven tartan fabrics availability?

    To be added

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  • Are tartan tams suitable for men and women?

    Yes they are suitable for either men or women and made one size fits all. You can also purchase small tams suitable for junior boys and girls.

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  • Can I have my clan tartan specially made in ribbon?

    This service is not available at Tartan Time and we are not aware of any company offering this service. Consider tartan ribbon fabric strips.

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  • Can I purchase tartan ribbon in tartans other than those shown on the website?

    Other tartans are not generally available in ribbon. Tartan Time has most of the available tartans in all the available widths.

    It is not economic for the manufacturers to produce ribbon in tartans other than the most popular, particularly in view of the hundreds of clan tartans that exist and most with limited demand.

    Alternative to polyester ribbon in 100's of tartans:

    As an alternative to conventional ribbon, you might like to consider tartan fabric ribbon strips, which are available in widths from 1" upwards (1.5", 2", 3", 4", 6" and 12" etc.). These are 54" long ribbons only, but as they are made from fabric they are available in 500 tartans covering most of the common clans; Ancient, Weathered, Dress and Modern.

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  • Are Credit and Debit card payments secure on Tartan Time?

    Your credit/debit card details are collected on SSL secured pages and you can be assured that your particulars are secure. You can also check that you are on this encrypted environment by checking your browser display: address changes to 'https:' and the yellow lock symbol appears in the status bar.

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  • Can I request Express delivery?

    This can often be arranged.

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  • How are delivery charges calculated?

    Delivery charges are dependent on weight, size, delivery territory and method chosen.

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  • How long will delivery take?

    We aim to dispatch stock goods within 7 days but more usually is within 2 or 3 days. However, many tartan items are bespoke, made to order only, and take longer.

    Please check 'Availability' on each product page for more details on individual items.

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  • Can I order from overseas?

    If you require delivery to an address outside the UK mainland, this is usually possible.

    Any deliveries abroad will normally take considerably longer than our UK delivery times, however.

    It is the customers responsibility to find out if they are required to pay any import duties or taxes on goods purchased for overseas delivery, and they will be responsible for paying these taxes.

    The shopping cart calculates shipping and provides for shipping destinations throughout the world.

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  • Can I place an order by telephone?

    Telephone orders are welcome.

    We appreciate that some customers prefer to talk rather than order products online over the internet and a personal service with questions answered etc. as required to provide you with the necessary solutions and information, can be provided.

    If you want to complete your order by telephone then please call us on 0131 654 2846. International calls are also welcome.

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  • What are the payment options?

    For online payments, we accept most credit and debit cards: Visa, Mastercard and American Express and also PayPal.

    Card payments can also be taken over the telephone. (Known as MOTO payments).

    Your card payment will be debited when you place your order.

    If you prefer not to use a card you can pay by a UK valid cheque or bank transfer (includes international bank transfers). Please contact us to arrange this for you.

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  • Do you sell offcuts?

    We do not normally have offcuts sale. Demand for these is exeedingly high, so any that we do have will generally be accounted for.

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  • Pricing?

    All prices are subject to change.

    The price shown include the total product price and Excluding VAT tax price. If you log in the price will be representative for your country delivery destination so if you are from outside the EU VAT zone the price and ex tax price will be the same (zero VAT).

    If you obtain a quote by telephone or email the price will be valid for 7 days

    We cannot be held responsible for pricing, typographical, or other errors shown on the site.

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  • Obtaining a quote?

    You can obtain a quote by adding your items to the basket, use the shopping cart to calculate the cost and leaving the final ordering process beforte confirming your purchase. You must, however, use guest checkout and enter your address or login - the cart requires the shipping information.

    If you add items to the cart and don't purchase them you may want to leave them there for purchasing later. However, if you want a fresh cart for a new order, you will need to delete the items as required from the cart using the red cross delete button.

    Quotes can also be provided by telephone or requesting a quote using the contact form. Go to Contact Us page

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  • Do you provide quotes or estimates?

    You can determine the cost of  item(s) by adding to the cart, going to the check out, registering as a guest or logging in (so that a delivery address is established), obtaining a shipping estimate and obtaining  a summary of your order.

    If you do not want to procede you can leave the cart but remember that your items will remain in the cart for the next time you login You can delete them by pressing the red cross delete button next to the item in the cart ordered items list.

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  • Is there a minimum order?

    There is no minimum order.

    Exceptions are tartan ribbon: 1 20 or 25 metre reel and fabric: 1 metre

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  • Can I order Samples?

    How do I order swatches?

    Go to Tweed or Tartan swatches category page and follow the instructions. Swatches are available for most fabrics and we would request you to keep the quantity down to 2 or 3. A refundable deposit of £10.00 is charges to gether with a non-refundable post and packaging charge of £3.00 (£2.50 plus VAT)

    Swatch sizes?

    Usually, about A5 size.

    How long will swatches take to arrive?

    Can be only a few days if swatches are in stock. Otherwise they have to be cut at the mill and take in total about 7 days.

    Sample lengths?

    You can order a metre of fabric as a sample length and this would be yours to keep. No refunds on this can be provided.

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  • Do you offer Trade Terms?

    We do not offer trade terms or accounts as such for fabrics or any other products but for those interested in our fabrics in particular, we work with several Interior Designers, Upholsterers, Clothing Manufacturers, Curtain Makers, etc. and are able to offer considerable discounts depending on order quantity sizes and repeat order opportunities.

    With regard to supplying fabric sample books, we are unable to do this, however,  there is a comprehensive list of fabric images for each product on the web site. Please consider printing off the images to show your customers in the first instance.

    Fabric books are expensive to produce and therefore a rare resource but we can provide individual swatches as per our swatch ordering terms. See fabric samples pages in Categories.

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  • Defective fabrics?

    With any purchase there can be the occasional defect as is sometimes the case with an our fabric. We would always ask you to carefully check your order when it arrives and before you cut the cloth.

    In the most unlikely event that you do find a flaw, we will replace the faulty fabric or section free of charge, or provide a full refund.

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  • Are any of your fabrics seconds or inferior quality?

    We order new fabrics directly from Scottish and UK mills so please rest assured that the fabrics are not seconds in any way and are the same as you would purchase from a High Street retailer. Being an online company we are able to offer very competitive prices as well as a quality products and an extensive selection.

    Some woven fabrics like our dupion silk tartan,  however, have naturally occurring slubs or characteristics which are an integral part of the fabric weave and are not considered to be defects.

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  • What if I cant find what I'm looking for on the website?

    We are adding new suppliers and products on a continuous basis and some may be in the pipeline for inclusion on the web site. It is therefore always worth asking for products you are looking for, and we will do our best to source for you if we have not got it.

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  • I've forgotten my password. What do I do?

    Click on 'login' button, which takes you to the account page. You can then enter your email address and request your password, which will be sent to you if you have an account with that email address.

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  • Can I get a discount?

    The price shown is the price you have to pay. However, there may be circumstances when we may be able to offer you a discount, in the form of a Discount Coupon Code. We hold promotional discounts and offer coupons at various times of the year, which you can look out for.

    If you are considering placing a substantial order or purchasing a large quantity of any one item, we would those circumstances consider you for a discounted price. Please contact us using the contact form on the contact us page or telephone 0131 654 2846.

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