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Made to Measure Curtains Info

Tartan Curtains 'Made to Measure' -  Measuring Instructions

Summary of Full Procedure is as follows:

  1. Measure up for your curtains (full instructions to follow): WIDTH and DROP required.
  2. Decide on the DESIGN required for your curtains.
  3. Decide on the type of linings or, unlined.
  4. Decide on options, if requred (Valances and tie backs; Flame retardant spec.)
  5. Request your quote by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by telephoning 01875 825540 and discussing your requirements in full.


Made to Measure Curtain Window Measurements: GENERAL INFORMATION.

Please note: We always recommend you install your curtain track(s) or your curtain pole(s) before you take your measurements. (This is to ensure you can fit the track/pole at your intended positions and it is not compromised by finding difficulties such as an unseen concrete window lintel, etc.)

  • The track/pole can be fitted as required but normally about 10 -15 cm above the window, but is dependent on the amount of wall between the window and the ceiling.
  • The track/pole is also recommended to be wider than the window by 15 - 25 cm on each side and you may need more room than this if you want to draw back the curtains more fully during the day.



Measure the curtain track/pole and not the window width (This is the overall width for both curtains in situ).
See diagrams below:

Track measurement tartan curtains:
Pole measurement tartan curtains:


Tartan curtain overlap arm in track or pole measurements:

The overall length of the tartan curtain from top to bottom is the DROP. The measurement includes the heading.

Recommended design finished lengths for tartan fabric curtains:

  1. Finished to sill length - normally about 1 cm above the sill.
  2. Finished to below sill length - normally about 15 - 20 cm below the window (but dependent on whether there is a radiator or furniture item.
  3. Finished to floor length - normally about 1 cm above the floor.
    Floors can be uneven, so would always recommend that at least three measurements are taken for the floor length with a measurement on the left, right and centre. The shortest measurement is usually used but you can choose the length that best suits, depending on your floor clearance allowance and ensure the tartan curtains don't drag along the floor at any point.
Heading height

When using a track we would suggest that the tartan fabric curtains sit just above the track top by about 1 cm: measurement from the top of the curtain (1 cm above the track) down to to the curtain hooks is then, usually about 3.5 cm using 7.5 cm (3 inch) pencil pleat heading tape.


Track Drop

Overall DROP for track tartan curtains: Track Drop + the 3.5 cm.


Pole Drop



Eyelet Drop

Measure from the top of the pole then add about 3 cm for the curtain above the pole.



STANDARD Tartan Curtain Designs:


Pencil Pleat  



SPECIAL Tartan Curtain Designs:
Double-Pinch-Pleat-jpg200 Triple-French-Pinch-Pleat-jpg200
Double Pinch Pleat
(Made to exact Pole/Track Size)
Triple/French Pinch Pleat
(Made to exact Pole/Track Size)
Tab-Top-jpg200 Eyelet-curtain-jpg200
Tab Top Eyelet

Tartan Curtain LININGS

  • Unlined
  • Cotton Polyester lining - 'Off White cream colour'
    Price band (A)
  • Cotton Sateen lining - 'Off White cream colour'
    Price band (A + 25%)
  • 3 pass Blackout lining (i.e. total blackout) - 'White'
    Price band (A + 45%)
  • Flame retardant linings - Special
  • Interlining, between lining and tartan fabric: Light, Medium and Heavy weights - Special.



  • Valances and Tie Backs are available if required - Special



  • It is not essential for domestic curtains to be flame proof treated but it is a requirement if fitting in public places: Hotels, pubs, theatres, schools, residential homes etc. (Please check relevant legislation to clarify any requirement) - Special.
  • Fabric must be treated for flame proofing to BS5867 if flame retardant curtains are required
  • Flame proofing fabric usually incurs a minimum charge equivalent to treating about 20 metres of fabric, regardless. Also, flame proofing can reduce the washability and, when washed/cleaned, proofing effectiveness can be reduced .



Now that you have checked out all the measuring requirements, obtain your quote as follows:
Summary of info required

  1. Fabric details
  2. Measurements - 1. WIDTH and 2. DROP
  3. Curtain Heading design
  4. Type of linings or, unlined
  5. Valances and Tie Back details - if required
  6. Flame Retardant option requirements - if being specified

Contact Tartan Time

By email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by telephoning 01875 825540 and discussing your requirements in full.


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