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Measurements and Measuring Instructions for a Kilt


Firstly, we would strongly recommend that you have someone else follow these instructions and measure your kilt for you. It can be difficult getting accurate length measurements if you try and do it your self.

Kilt MeasurementsKilt Waist:

Kilt waist 'W' should be firm, measured just below the rib cage over your shirt, at or just above the belly button. Ensure you are relaxed and breathing out as men tend to breathe in when getting measured. (Please Note: the kilt waist is higher than the conventional trouser waist, often regarded more as the natural waist, and the size is likely to be different - kilt waist usually larger).


Kilt seat 'S', measured at the widest part of the hips/seat, should be comfortable and not tight, loose over trousers is fine.

Finished Length

a) The kilt finished length 'L' should be measured from the belly button at 'W' to the middle of the knee - See diagram. (This measurement then includes the 2 inch rise required for the belt waist band)
or, b) An alternative way of measuring the finished length is to measure the length from the top of the hip bone, which can be felt with the thumb, to the middle of the knee level, and then add on the 2 inch rise.
or, c) Ask the man to kneel down with his back and thighs vertical then measure from the belly button to the floor to determine the finished length measurement.

A 5' 10" man will usually need a finished length of 24" (including the rise).
General guide to finished lengths:

Man's  Height 'H'  5' 6"  5' 8"  5' 10"  6' 0"  6' 2"  6' 4"
Finished Length 'L'  22"  23"  24"  25"  26"  27"

(It is our opinion that there is nothing worse than a short kilt on a man, therefore hedge on the side of longer rather than shorter with any judgement).

Please Note:
We cannot take the responsibility for items not fitting correctly due to incorrect measurements and it should be noted, that our made to measure kilts are a bespoke item and as such, our bespoke terms apply.

Finally, if you require any assistance or advice on measuring please telephone us. We will help if we can.


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