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All You Need to Know about Tartan Ribbon
A Common Request

One on the most common requests we receive is; 'do you have tartan ribbon in such and such tartan'. Unfortunately, we usually have to advise that the ribbon they require is just not made in their requested tartan.
Tartan Ribbon Tartans and Widths

Tartan ribbon is in fact made in only a very limited range of about 20 tartans, and we have most of them. You can view the range of tartans that are available by following the links for the individual widths at this page: Tartan Ribbon.

The narrowest ribbon, which is 7 mm (about 0.25") wide comes in only 3 tartans in 20 metre rolls, and the widest ribbon, 70 mm (about 3"), comes in only 9 tartans in 25 metre rolls. The other widths, 10 mm (0.375"), 16 mm (0.625"), 25 mm (1") and 40 mm (1.5"), come in 17 or 18 tartans and in two roll lengths depending on the actual tartan; 20 metres and 25 metres. You need to take care when ordering by the roll and make sure you order the length in the correct roll size multiple.
The Alternatives

Although there are only a limited range of tartans made in ribbon we do offer an alternative and this is tartan fabric ribbon strips, available in over 500 clan tartans. These are strips of cut wool tartan fabric with a machine sewn edge finish, and they come in 8 widths from 1" to 12". The narrowest available width, because of the difficulties in producing them is 1" so there are some limitations on its uses. Some of these strips are available singly in 2" widths
only, but in the main, they have to be purchased in fives. They are all about 54" long. More info at: Tartan Fabric Strips.

If you must use only conventional ribbon and your tartan is not available then there are some things you can consider. One is to compromise on a tartan that is similar. Ribbon tartans are in fact only a representation of the tartan as they are such a small scale compared to fabric. Another possibility is to consider a non clan tartan instead such as Flower of Scotland (which says Scottish rather than your clan) or possibly Black Watch. It just depends on your preference.
Cut Edge Tartan Ribbon

In addition to the conventional ribbon discussed above, which has a woven edge and is a soft and flexible polyester ribbon, we also have a harder more rigid type, available in 24 mm and 36 mm widths. This is also polyester but has a cut edge. It is polyester, sprayed with anti fray coating which gives it the extra rigidity but it can be cut with a pair of scissors without fraying. It also has the advantage of being available in some more unusual tartans for ribbon like; Anderson, MacBeth and Dress MacLeod. You can view the cut edge ribbon at this page: Cut Edge Tartan Ribbon.
Tartan Ribbon Bows

Another tartan ribbon product we stock is Tartan Ribbon Bows. These are made from 10 mm wide ribbon and the bow size from side to side is about 38 mm (1.5"). They are available in 8 tartans and are sold in packs of 20. Go to: Tartan Ribbon Bows.

If you have a requirement for tartan ribbon bows in different size or width to our stock ribbon bows, we can usually supply them as a special, subject to a minimum quantity of about 1000 bows. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Some Uses for Tartan Ribbon

The final thing I'm going to mention is the uses for tartan ribbon. One of the main uses is at weddings: tartan ribbon and/or bows on the invites and on the menus, tartan ribbon round the serviettes etc., tartan ribbon for decorating the wedding venue particularly the 70 mm ribbon is used for this, streamers on the wedding car and sometimes ribbon is used for decorating the cake. Tartan ribbon has also many craft uses, decorating teddy bears, tying up bags of cloutie dumpling or tablet. It has in fact many uses.

f you have any further questions on this or anything else, then please do not hesitate to contact me Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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