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  • ‘Reiver’ Lightweight Wool Tweed Neck Tie

'Reiver' 10.5 oz Worsted Wool Check Neck Tie

Pure new Wool, quality, check Neck Tie made from 10.5 oz Reiver Check Tweed fabric, which is woven in Scotland. Measurements are 9cm X 142cm (3.5" X 56")


Normally dispatched within 3 days.

Image Gallery for Reiver Checked Tweed lightweight fabrics:

  • TTRV-CRAI-Crail Check Tie OrgTTRV-CRAI-Crail Check Tie Org
  • TTRV-DENH Denholm Check Tie OrgTTRV-DENH Denholm Check Tie Org
  • TTRV-DORN Dornoch Check Tie OrgTTRV-DORN Dornoch Check Tie Org
  • TTRV-ECCL Eccles Check Tie OrgTTRV-ECCL Eccles Check Tie Org
  • TTRV-EDNA Ednam Check Tie OrgTTRV-EDNA Ednam Check Tie Org
  • TTRV-HERI Heriot Check Tie OrgTTRV-HERI Heriot Check Tie Org
  • TTRV-KYLE Kyle Check Tie OrgTTRV-KYLE Kyle Check Tie Org
  • TTRV-MAXT Maxton Check Tie OrgTTRV-MAXT Maxton Check Tie Org
  • TTRV-MINT Minto Check Tie OrgTTRV-MINT Minto Check Tie Org
  • TTRV-OBAN Oban Check Tweed Tie OrgTTRV-OBAN Oban Check Tweed Tie Org
  • TTRV-PLOC PLockton Check Tie OrgTTRV-PLOC PLockton Check Tie Org
  • TTRV-STAB St Abbs Check Tie OrgTTRV-STAB St Abbs Check Tie Org

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General Specification:
Composition 100% Pure New Wool Fabric. 10.5 oz Reiver worsted wool is a lightweight, quality fabric, dry clean only and commonly used as a clothing fabric.
Size 9cm X 142cm (3.5" X 56")
Fabric Care Dry cleaning recommended
Manufactured Designed, Woven and Manufactured in Scotland

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‘Reiver’ Lightweight Wool Tweed Neck Tie

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