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13 oz Medium Weight District Tartan Images

Below are the 13 oz Medium Weight District thumbnail images. You can click on a thumbnail for a larger image. To scroll through the other large images you can also click the 'next image' or 'previous image' buttons, hidden near the top on the right and left of the large image respectively.

  • American National MWS1087American National MWS1087
  • Angus Mtd MW501Angus Mtd MW501
  • Ayrshire Anc MW502Ayrshire Anc MW502
  • Banff and Buchan Anc MW528Banff and Buchan Anc MW528
  • Carrick Anc MW503Carrick Anc MW503
  • Crieff Anc MW504Crieff Anc MW504
  • Culloden Mtd MWS2074Culloden Mtd MWS2074
  • Dress Watch MWS1089Dress Watch MWS1089
  • Dunbar District Anc MWS2091Dunbar District Anc MWS2091
  • Dunblane District Anc 1729 Variant MWS2092Dunblane District Anc 1729 Variant MWS2092
  • East Kilbride Mtd MW507East Kilbride Mtd MW507
  • Edinburgh Anc MW508Edinburgh Anc MW508
  • Fort William Mtd MW513Fort William Mtd MW513
  • Galloway Green Mtd MW510Galloway Green Mtd MW510
  • Glasgow City  of Mod MW1106Glasgow City of Mod MW1106
  • Grampian Mod MW512Grampian Mod MW512
  • Highland Cathedral MWS1091Highland Cathedral MWS1091
  • Holyrood Mod MW909Holyrood Mod MW909
  • Inverness Mod MW865Inverness Mod MW865
  • Irish Diaspora MWS1080Irish Diaspora MWS1080
  • Lochaber Anc MW516Lochaber Anc MW516
  • Manitoba MWS2301Manitoba MWS2301
  • Manx Htg Anc MWS2300Manx Htg Anc MWS2300
  • Monarch of the Glen MWS1067Monarch of the Glen MWS1067
  • Musselburgh Anc MW925Musselburgh Anc MW925
  • Nova Scotia Anc MWS2334Nova Scotia Anc MWS2334
  • RSCDS Wool MWS1326RSCDS Wool MWS1326
  • Strathearn District Mod MWS2396Strathearn District Mod MWS2396
  • Strathearn District Mtd MWS2397Strathearn District Mtd MWS2397
  • Ulster District Mod MWS2407Ulster District Mod MWS2407
  • Ulster District Weathered MWS2406Ulster District Weathered MWS2406
  • Welsh National Anc MWS2416Welsh National Anc MWS2416
  • Welsh National Mod MWS1035Welsh National Mod MWS1035

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