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Below are the 16 oz Cheviot Natural tweed thumbnail images. You can click on a thumbnail for a larger image. To scroll through the other large images you can also click the 'next image' or 'previous image' buttons, hidden near the top on the right and left of the large image respectively.

  • CHE107 Cheviot Black BlackCHE107 Cheviot Black Black
  • CHE105 Cheviot Flintstone PetrolCHE105 Cheviot Flintstone Petrol
  • CHE155 Cheviot BB TweedCHE155 Cheviot BB Tweed
  • CHE160 Cheviot Midnight OceanCHE160 Cheviot Midnight Ocean
  • CHE013 Cheviot Crag CragCHE013 Cheviot Crag Crag
  • CHE003 Cheviot Flintstone CragCHE003 Cheviot Flintstone Crag
  • CHE064 Cheviot Green Lovat FenCHE064 Cheviot Green Lovat Fen
  • CHE110 Cheviot Pheasant RedCHE110 Cheviot Pheasant Red
  • CHE001 Cheviot Charcoal CharcoalCHE001 Cheviot Charcoal Charcoal
  • CHE166 Flannel GreyCHE166 Flannel Grey
  • CHE164 Cheviot Green Quarry Red BogCHE164 Cheviot Green Quarry Red Bog
  • CHE038 Cheviot Sea Green LovatCHE038 Cheviot Sea Green Lovat
  • CHE194 Bracklen StringCHE194 Bracklen String
  • CHE002 Cheviot Flintstone FlintstoneCHE002 Cheviot Flintstone Flintstone
  • CHE161 Cheviot Loden LodenCHE161 Cheviot Loden Loden
  • CHE102 Cheviot  Rave, RaveCHE102 Cheviot Rave, Rave
  • CHE109 Cheviot Pheasant LoganberryCHE109 Cheviot Pheasant Loganberry
  • CHE112 Cheviot Mocha ReeveCHE112 Cheviot Mocha Reeve
  • CHE114 Cheviot Lovat LovatCHE114 Cheviot Lovat Lovat
  • CHE213 Sea EucalyptusCHE213 Sea Eucalyptus
  • CHE108 Cheviot PheasantCHE108 Cheviot Pheasant
  • CHE045 Cheviot Heath SeaCHE045 Cheviot Heath Sea
  • CHE111 Cheviot MochaCHE111 Cheviot Mocha
  • CHE114 Cheviot LovatCHE114 Cheviot Lovat
  • CHE084 Cheviot Loden FenCHE084 Cheviot Loden Fen
  • CHE172 Cheviot Crag WhiteCHE172 Cheviot Crag White
  • CHE113 Cheviot Mocha RedstartCHE113 Cheviot Mocha Redstart
  • CHE024 Cheviot Fen FenCHE024 Cheviot Fen Fen
  • CHE106 CheviotCHE106 Cheviot
  • CHE159 Cheviot Mallard EvergreenCHE159 Cheviot Mallard Evergreen
  • CHE072 Cheviot Bog FlintstoneCHE072 Cheviot Bog Flintstone

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